This small abstract project studies a space for a collection. I began by asking how you could collect something that does not physically exist. The collection in this pavilion is “time”. While the spiraling plan can be easily traced from the rotation of a clock, there are moments within the Time Pavilion which reference the past, present, and future. The “past” is referenced in the spiraling plan, where it terminates and looks back onto the entry of space. The “present” is referenced at the central conical form. It becomes a meditative space where one is removed from its surroundings. The “future” occurs at the slot in the two walls where the inhabitants are able to have a clear view out of the structure. Light and shadow also plays a dynamic role in the project and may be the most “physical” tracery of time that one can imagine. The conical concrete central form acts as a backdrop for the shadows casted by the exterior walls, as the viewer circulates through the project their body distorts and breaks the shadows, creating a heightened awareness of time.