Before Michael Graves passed in 2015 he became very involved with Kean University and the development of their up and coming architecture and design program. Kean University hopes to construct a building to hold the new program and name it after Michael for all of his contributions to the university and his efforts as an educator throughout his life. The intention of this design sets out to simultaneously investigate two seemingly opposite “camps” within architecture; "the compositional" and its arrangement of parts vs. "the systemic" and its rigid ordering principles. The program is grouped into similar functions including a large studio bar, library, classrooms, auditorium, gallery, and an elevated ground plane. Each grouping of program is assigned an individual system, long span, short span, and field condition, and the last system functions as a shear wall. The project played out to be a composition of systems and constant re-proportioning, and studying the intersections and junctions of the systems became crucial. At an urban scale, the project sets out to create a new center of the Kean University campus as the university intends to extend its bounds across Morris Ave. The project features a large outdoor elevated ground plane to create a new active meeting space for students and faculty.